Yes, I am balding, Please stop pointing it out?

So I don’t often do posts like this but it needs to be said, YES, I am balding and my hair is incredibly thin. I can’t change it or stop it from happening because my balding is a side effect of stress. I have tried mindfulness, cut out gluten and dairy, and yes I have even tried those hair thickening tablets. My hair won't stay bald, when I’m feeling zen my hair grows back and thickens but stress is unavoidable.

You know what is stupid though, the amount of people in real life who interrupt a conversation, to make me feel incredibly uncomfortable, by pointing out a bald spot. I’m aware of how unhealthy I look because of it, but you pointing it out is not going to make the hair follicles develop cognitive function so they can think “oh we’re doing a bad job with our only purpose, we better get our act together so Billie can finally have long luscious locks”. If somebody had a growth on their face you wouldn’t point it out, so why is a bald spot something socially acceptable to point out?

I’ve tried all the products, supplements and home remedies. Nothing will work because it's not an external problem, or genetics or the fact that I dye my hair very infrequently. It’s stress and people pointing this out stresses me out creating a cycle.

So I don’t do posts like this often because there are worse problems in the world. However today it really got to me and kicked my while I was down.

But hey-ho. What’s a girl to do?

Billie Geena