WTF: First day on a Low Fodmap Diet

So, here I am, it's 8 pm, Gilmore Girls is on and I’m in my pyjamas, you’d think I’d be happy, chilling in this cute and cozy setup I have. Instead, I’m thinking about how I handled my first day following my Low Fodmap Diet. I did not handle it as well as I expected.

I thought not planning or packing breakfast and lunch wouldn’t be a problem, I’d find something that would be easy to sort out right?  Wrong.

My morning started with me massively overlaying, I had an entire 10 minutes to get ready and to set off. Just wait it gets better, my voice still hasn’t returned, 4 days of not speaking. It’s pretty inconvenient, Laryngitis, my old friend pays me a visit every time I get a cold. I was rushed, tired and a mute. Great.

Anyway so back to the point, I got to work with nothing to eat. I had just under 6 hours until lunch and after 2 hours, I couldn’t focus on anything but the rumbles from my stomach. I popped out to the shop next door to find something that fits into my low fodmap diet.

My food anxiety kicked in, I only get 10 minutes break. I was frantically checking the backs of all the snacks, Milk, Wheat, Onion and Garlic everything thing that I liked had at least one of these in. I do often eat from the free from section, but there was nothing that fitted this new diet.  Why is everything so unappealing or unsuitable?

Finally, I settled on fruit, there was the same drama. Normally I’d go for an apple, but I can’t eat them anymore. So I had settled on pineapple, which was okay it got me through.

Lunch was very similar, however, I tried a couple of a few places in town that do healthy food. They all were one thing and not the other, you know what I mean. I ended up back in Sainsbury's looking at side salad and chicken pieces. You’d think chargrilled or roast chicken pieces would be fine right? No some had milk protein, wheat or onion powder.

Finally, I found one that was safe. I had that with my salad and some balsamic vinaigrette. It was yum, not what I wanted but nice.

Then my cutie of a dad good tea for me, he did so well. He made chicken with sweet potato. Unfortunately, he cooked the chicken with onions so I had to leave it and it really breaks my heart to be unappreciative towards my parents. But I enjoyed my sweet potato.

I have since prepped tomorrows and Wednesdays breakfast and dinner. I’ll do a food diary as a weekly thing. But I didn’t realize how much of a struggle this next 8 weeks would be.

Billie Geena