White Room Aesthetics

For as long as I can remember I have been plagued with these red spots all across my body, they aren’t something anyone other than myself notice but I hate them with a passion. They cover my arms, chest, back and I had a couple on my forehead.

After years of covering them with make up I finally decided to find out what they are. I continued to complain about them constantly and Gill explained to me that they are called Campbell de Morgan spots and they are basically nothing but red dots. I learnt that these horrible and un-aesthetically pleasing marks could be removed with laser treatments, luckily enough for me, Gill had recently opened a laser clinic with her friend Keeley.

They opened White Room Aesthetics together last August and I booked in with them immediately. I had a consultation and they explained to me that it can take a couple of sessions for them to go but the majority should go very quickly, we did a test patch as well to make sure I am not going to have a reaction to the treatment.  Gill asked me various lifestyle questions about how much I drink, if I smoked and when I last had a suntan/sunburn, as tattoo removal and IPL treatments can be more effective if you’re immune system is not compromised.

The treatment was a little scary to start with, I got in my own head about it and convinced myself it was going to hurt loads because its a bloody laser, bad guys use lasers in movies to split people in half. Gill talked me down from my anxiety and we got started removing my Campbell de Morgan spots. For me I barely felt any pain, it felt like a static shock that you get if you’ve been walking on carpet with fluffy socks on.

A few of my smaller dots went instantly, others faded over a couple of weeks. One of the ones on my forehead turned brown and now looks like a freckle, which is a huge step up from the mountain of an unpoppable red spot. I still have loads left to be removed but all of the ones that upset me are gone.

It really did wonders for my confidence and reduced the amount of foundation I need to use now. It’s strange how something that no one ever notice bothered me so much and how happy I am now some have gone.

The only problem now is I keep finding things I want removed. I’ve asked about more dots to be removed, my tattoo to be faded and if they will remove my armpit hair. It’s seriously a treatment I would recommend if you have something that bothers you.

White Room Aesthetics moonlights in various Tattoo and Beauty Studios in Sheffield and are normally based in Handsworth.

*Please note, I paid for this treatment and all opinions are my own.