What the Fodmap

I live in a limbo of diagnosis, I have been diagnosed with IBS and my doctors argue whether it could be an IBD. The latest plan to find out what is wrong with me is for me to follow a low fodmap diet for the next 8 weeks and then reintroduce foods that could potentially cause me flare-ups.

I have done a low fodmap diet before and to be honest I did it completely wrong, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Luckily this time I have a nutritionist who will be guiding me through the process and explaining it all to me. So I thought I might as well share the whole journey with you all.

To start with low fodmap, what the flip is it?

I googled it and it is the types of carbs which is linked to causing some of the symptoms of IBS, by following the diet I should be able to control my flare-ups. Fodmap stands for. Fermentable

I’m not a scientist, so I have no idea at all of what these things are thankfully the sciencey people have compiled a huge list of what we can and can’t eat. It’s restrictive as fuck.

There are so many things I can’t eat, I have to say goodbye to onions and garlic, gluten and dairy. Luckily I’m already lactose intolerant and I have had a couple of months already cutting this out. I’m going to share this who restricted journey with you all.

I would love IBS, IBDs and any other stomach conditions to become more freely discussed. So if you have any questions send them my way.


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