Whats happening in this sh*t storm

So you’ve probably seen it and you probably have an opinion on it. It’s everywhere and I feel awful.

For those of you that don’t know, I went to a restaurant and had a comment left on my receipt that really annoyed me and, at the time, I felt it was very personal towards my IBS.


I had a really lovely meal, the waitress was lovely and I had a lovely time with two of my friends. I had never heard a bad word said about them before and I still would recommend eating there.

I was annoyed when I tweeted and, in hindsight, I can see that it may have been just banter between the waitress and the chefs. It may not have been personal to me at all but I didn’t consider that straight away though.

So that’s what happened and I tweeted it. I thought that maybe a few people would see it and ask for advice about IBS or low fodmap diets. A few days later, a reporter contacted me and asked to talk to me about it. Firstly, I was very clear that I didn’t want to slate the restaurant or damage their business and so I explained to him about my illness and he ran an article.

My instructions clearly weren’t followed very well but nothing harsh was printed and I appreciated that he didn’t put anything slanderous about them.

I received a lot of hate overnight, people accused me of making fun of my intolerances, called me fat and told me I should stop eating out with my friends. Fine, cool whatever, there’s always going to be nasty people on the internet.


Unfortunately, it kept gaining attention and I was approached by two other national papers afterwards and I said that I didn’t want them to publish anything as it was just getting out of proportion. I didn’t think anything of it until I was sat at home and someone in a low fodmap support group that I’m in shared an article from The Sun.

They published it anyway, which sucked! I got more hate and had to make all of my personal accounts private. I’m not hiding my blog from this if people learn more about IBS because of me great, but I don’t want them finding where I work or anything about my real personal life.

I thought to give it a day and it’ll die down but bloody hell it will not stop growing. I’ve sent an apology for this to Amigos as I never wanted this to happen! All I wanted from this is that more people will be understanding towards food intolerances, IBS and chronic illnesses.

I’m riding out the storm and I hope it calms down very soon. Please don’t boycott Amigos and ignore the press, the vast majority of whom have copied and then sensationalised what I said without my permission.