Diary Free Diary - Week One

Monday the 31st July, the day I decided to cut out dairy. I was told a long while back that I need to stop eating dairy but I found it so difficult, I LOVE Cheese. I started making small changes like I stopped eating yoghurt and ice cream, and I have never drunk milk. But it was time to make the change and become fully dairy free.

In the first week I slipped up a couple of times, I have to admit it's a learning curve. I have had to start reading the ingredients and everything I buy, I can’t just pop into Sainsbury’s at lunch and pick up an egg mayo sandwich, because for some reason they use milk to make them.

Planning has never been my strong point and I am going to have to start planning everything. Should I get a food planner?

I have been keeping a food diary, but again I’m not organised I got three days in and forgot about it.

So here is what I ate Monday - Wednesday

Day one:
White bread toast with tomatoes
Subway BMT on hearty Italian with salad and mayo
Tomato and Lentil soup
2 Free from cookies


Day two:
Sainsbury’s cold bacon sandwich with ketchup
Chicken and Potato Bravas from Marks and Spencers
Chicken Saag with Rice


Day Three:
Omelette Bites
Sainsbury’s Chicken and Mayo sandwich
Greek style Roast Chicken thighs with roast potatoes and asparagus
Alpro Ice Cream and Pancakes (I messed up so bad, I was cooking a family meal and pre bought these forgetting they had milk in the batter).

Day four:
White bread toast with tomatoes
Remainder of jar of Gerkins (don’t judge me, I love them and there was only a few in the jar)
Steak and potatoes with gravy

Day 5:
Friday I was off work so I didn’t eat anything through the day.
Fish and Chips with gravy - I double checked and they use a dairy free batter, I love them <3

Day 6:
I was hung over this day so don’t judge me again.
Half a tub of pringles

Zinger Burger and chips
According to the website I was alright dairy free wise up until the Chips and the Gravy, like how do you make these with dairy I can’t imagine it. I felt so ill afterwards and will not be eating KFC again.

Day 7:
Sunday, the worst day. We had a big Sunday dinner with the whole family round.
We had a lamb Sunday dinner with all the trimmings, I ate Yorkshire pudding. Oops
(kinda worth it)
Then because I had already slipped up I allowed my self some of the apple pie pudding.

This week made me feel crappy about my efforts and has inspired me to try harder for my second week.

Billie Geena