Wagamama: Summer Menu Review

So very recently I was invited down to Wagamamas at Meadowhall, this was probably the best invite I had ever received. I love Wagamamas, and I felt honoured that my favourite restaurant wanted me to review their summer menu.

 When I first started reviewing restaurants I promised my mum that if I ever got invited by one of our faves, such as Wagamamas, that she would be my plus 1.

 We arranged for me and mum to pop over to the Meadowhall restaurant one Wednesday evening after work. I have food anxiety, I stress myself out about going for food, I try to plan my meal, and I like to know what everyone else will be ordering so I don't get jealous. I know it's crazy.  For the whole day at work, every moment of down time I got I was in the Wagamamas website checking their menu.

 The day drew to an end and my mum drove us both from work to Meadowhall, a place we have been to a million times and somehow I had to give her directions. Great.

 We got there for around 6.30 and went straight to Wagamamas (WM) for our meal. The WM in Meadowhall is a fairly new addition, normally when I go, I always end up at the WM in the city centre so it was nice going to a new one.


The vibe in the Meadowhall one was so different, it was so much more welcoming. The whole interior is very modern and chill. You can sit alone on separate tables or they have large sharing tables. Which is something you can’t do in some of their other restaurants? I hate having to share a table with people I don’t know so we were escorted to a booth.

 Everyone was so friendly, I explained to them that I always get the Chilli Chicken Ramen and I really could decide what I wanted for a main. They talked me through the menu and I picked several sides and the main. Go me! Chief decision maker here.


Beef Tataki - Which is lightly seared slices of beef, which is served with beetroot. I love beef, so I knew it would be a winner. I was really surprised because I HATE beetroot with a passion but I wanted to try the food how the recommend eating this dish. So I had the beef and beetroot together and it brought a whole new dimension to the beef. It was delicious.

 Chicken Steamed Gyoza - Gyoza is always my go to, I love those little dumplings so much. But this meal was about trying new things so I tried the chicken ones, I always get the vegetable ones. My verdict is that you really can’t go wrong ordering Gyoza, they are beautiful whether you get them with veg or with meat.


Chilli Squid -  The chilli squid was a decision made by my mum. I love seafood so I didn’t mind this. It was probably the best side we had that day, they were all beautiful in their own right but the prize goes to the squid. It was soft and chewy, perfectly spiced, fried to perfection. This will now be my go to side.

 Miso Soup and Japanese Style Pickles  - My mum really enjoyed this one, it wasn’t my favourite. I love miso soup, there was Wakame Silken Tofu floating around in the soup and I really didn’t like the texture of it. Personally I wouldn’t order that again but my mum certainly will do.


 Seared Nuoc Cham Tuna  - I finally decided upon a main, and I made the best choice. It was served on quinoa with stir-fried kale, sweet potato, edamame beans, red onion. It was like all the superfoods, it was so yummy. I will definitely get this again before the summer menu stops. The tuna is sushi grade, it's juicy and well seasoned. It makes you never want to tinned tuna again.  and peppers


Grilled Bream Donburi -  It's two fillets of sea bream served on a bed of rice, and covered in the teriyaki sauce. Served with veg, onions and kimchi. Mum mixed the kimchi into the dish and really enjoyed it. Mum loved rice, she says it's her favourite food, each to their own I guess.  My mum critiqued that there was too much rice in this dish and it took away from her enjoyment of the bream, She didn’t eat the full meal, but she did enjoy what she ate.


 Lemongrass and Lime Sorbet:

I’m lactose intolerant so I really appreciate when I can eat a dessert that's not made with milk. I really appreciated been able to order a sweet, I really enjoyed the sorbet. I love citrus favours. I will definitely order this again.


Mum didn’t order a dessert. Boo.

 I really had a great experience at Wagmamas, I will continue to recommend this restaurant chain to everyone I know. I’ve never been able to fault it and that continues.

 Billie Geena

 *Please note this meal was gifted to me from Wagmamas, all photos and opinions are my own.