Viking Arty Party

Arts and crafts, I am terrible at bloomin’ arts and crafts. I recently went along to the Viking Arty Party at The Chimney House in Sheffield. I mentally prepared myself and I tried to convince myself that I was going to find my talent.

I met Lauren, bright and early on a Saturday morning; we had a nice slow walk to the venue, which is in the centre of Kelham Island. Neither of us really knew what to expect but we knew it sounded like it was going to be fun.

Arriving at the venue I was taken aback; it was beautiful and so insta-worthy. I knew that they host weddings but I wasn’t expecting it to be so lovely. There were loads of familiar faces around and, after a quick hello with Prue, Aimee, Tracey and Natalie, we were separated into our groups.

To start with we did paper cutting, I knew right off the bat that I would be terrible at this and so I'd mentally prepared myself. This class was hosted by Maddie from I’ll be honest, I hated this, I was so beyond terrible. At one point I got so stressed out by the paper cutting I just chopped off a part that I couldn’t do straight away.

We then took a lunch break, where Viking had a dairy free sandwich and a cake ready for me. I had a salami sandwich with aubergine, tomato and grilled peppers. It was beautiful and my cake was a lemon sponge type-thing, which was equally as perfect.

After lunch, I moved on to the Calligraphy Station which was hosted by Joyce from I was awful at faux-calligraphy and calligraphy where we used a brush pen. On a good day I have the handwriting of a 5 year old, so it was a given that I’d be terrible. I tried and tried but I just couldn’t get into the swing of it, Joyce was really lovely and patient but I did give up in the end. I did so badly that I'm not even going to share a picture.

We then moved onto Origami, this was hosted by Jane from Don’t get me wrong I was terrible at this too, all of my roses that I made looked sat on, but I found this really relaxing. My brain kind of shut off and I just enjoyed folding the paper. I was so chuffed that I found something I could almost do. I did need a little extra help from Jane at a few points but she managed to show me how to do this properly. I would definitely try to do origami again and on pay-day I’ll probably invest in some origami paper.

I had a really nice, chill day and I did learn a lot. I can’t thank Viking enough for inviting me down and letting me try new things. I really hope I do find a craft that I’m good at one day, I might try knitting in my spare time who knows!