Turtle Bay

Sheffield finally stepped up its game and we got a Turtle Bay of our very own. I was very lucky to be invite to its launch party and then again to review their menu. Unfortunately for me parties are a big trigger for my anxiety so I didn’t fully attend that but I came back and tried A LOT.

To start with Turtle Bay is full of funky and Caribbean inspired decor, with amazing bring blue walls and contrasting yellow doors. You can sit at the bar, in booths, normal tables or outside. It’s got a really relaxed and fun atmosphere.

To start with we took advantage of the 241 cocktails and ordered some drinks. Before I tell you about them I need to explain something. I’m really bad at ordering drinks, I always always order something I don’t like or confuse the drink names.

So first I ordered Margaritas and a Long Island Ice Tea for Gabe. I was convinced Margaritas were Mojitos and I was so so disappointed, why are they so salty? Gabe let me have some of his Long Island Ice Tea but that was too boozey for me, so I wasn’t winning.

On our second attempt I ordered a Mojito and some how mucked it up again. I ordered the Marley Mojito, which is melon flavoured. I hate melon, it’s too sweet and weird tasting. Gabe ordered Banana Mama, which I couldn’t try because I hate banana more than melon.

I accepted defeat and ordered a beer.

Just as a little warning for you all, I’m very much still lactose intolerant but I ordered dairy a couple of times because I was trying out these Super Lactase Enzymes, they are a post all of there own. Quick spoiler, they don’t work and I was so ill afterwards.

To start with we ordered three dishes, we got the sweetcorn fritters, whitebait and the duck wraps.

Sweetcorn fritters a my favourite thing ever, its not often I can eat things like these but they use spring onion in them so they are safe for me. I LOVE THEM. They are crunchy and so light, I could eat 600000000 of them.

Whitebait is just always a nice thing that snack on if you like seafood, Gabe was put about by them because they have their heads but nothing will stop me eating all of them.

The Duck Wraps were something just for Gabe, I couldn’t try them because they contain trigger foods. I know from what he told me that they were really delicious but a little bit too spicy for him.

For my main I ordered Pork Belly, it came with rice and a Watermelon salad. I picked off the pickled onions and really enjoyed the meal. Pork belly isn’t something I typically get as I’m not a big fan of Pork, I got this because I was told they could do it with out the marinade, they have since updated the menu and it can’t be done plain. I thoroughly enjoyed it, it wasn’t the best meal I’ve ever had or anything like that but it was nice. I couldn’t complain.

Gabe opted for something more traditional ordered “Our Curry Goat” which again was “too spicy for him” but he wolfed it down and nothing was left so I’m pretty sure he was exaggerating the spice level.

The sides are where I started to get ill, and its all my fault. So because of the tablets I decided I can eat all the dairy and I love Halloumi so I had to get it. WRONG MOVE. It tasted exactly how it should and I had no immediate complaints.

We also had the Coconut Creamed Spinach, which to be honest was a little bland but it’s spinach so I wasn’t expecting the world from it.

Dessert. Well, I went for something I definitely should have. I had the Passion Pie. I loved it were creamy, so light and fruity. Thoroughly amazing at the time, 1 hour later I was laying on the floor crying, because of stomach pains. I would recommend it to anyone who’s not lactose intolerant.

Gabe loves stodgy food and as soon as he clocked Bread Pudding he was on it. He explained that he enjoyed the dessert and would order it again, but also he claimed that it wasn’t they best pudding it was average.

I am booked to go back in very soon as they have some new options on the menu that cater to people with dietary needs. So prepare for an update soon.

*Please note the meal and drinks were gifted in return for a review. All photos and opinions are my own.