The Florentine

What feels like many, many moons ago I went to the Florentine in Sheffield to review their restaurant but after all my drama and the anxiety afterwards, my review got put on the back burner. Is that a phrase or did I make it up.

Me and Gabe rocked up and was taken back, with the building been so old we though inside would be very classically decorated but once we entered I was taken a back. The interior designer needed a round of applause, the decor was dope. My particular highlights, book wallpaper and a silver rhino head.

We got comfy and started to peruse the menu.  To start I ordered Smoked Mackerel and Capers on Bruschetta, this is no longer on the menu because I took so long, to get organised but they have a cured salmon option that I will 300% order next time I go in. I love mackerel, and I have stated on a few occasions that this was the best starter I have had in Sheffield.

Gabe ordered the risotto starter which was made up with “Old Winchester, buffalo mozzarella & Butlers Mature Cheddar risotto, spring onion, pickled red onions, crispy hen egg” He thoroughly enjoyed this for a couple of reasons.
1, I always try to steal his food and because of all the milk I couldn’t try it.
2, He was fascinated by the deep fried egg. Honestly I had never heard anyone be so excited about and egg.

For our mains, I ordered Cod, with curried mussels. I love seafood and I was so excited to try this. Unfortunately, I was really disappointed the curry sauce was really bland and I really didn’t enjoy it. I felt so bad about not liking it because I had such high hopes.

So I was left with massive food envy, Gabe ordered the most expensive thing off the menu, The “18oz CÔTE DE BOEUF”. Which was a massive 18oz Steak, with chips and peppercorn sauce. I stayed strong and only stole a little bit, I like my steaks really rare but this was done to a medium rare, so for me it wasn’t amazing. Like how rude is he to order food to his taste right?!

For desert I explained about my lactose intolerance and they said they could sort a fruit salad and some sorbet for me. This wasn’t on the menu but they was more than happy to help and sort something for me. It was delish.

Gabe ordered a sticky toffee pudding and it looked amazing, I had mega food envy. He told me that it was lovely.

On the menu they have a Giant Profiterole on the menu and I wanted it so so bad but obviously couldn’t eat it. So if anyone goes and gets it please send me a picture of how giant it is.

On our way out, we had a little nosey of the beer garden which looked adorable. I’d love to go for a cheeky wine in the summer.

We both enjoyed our time there and we think we’d go again. I had a look at us staying at the hotel that night but I am poor AF so I didn’t. The Florentine has a really chilled and friendly atmosphere, and I would recommend going, but I really don’t recommend the curried mussels.

*Please not all food and drinks were provided by The Florentine and all opinions and photos are my own.