Taco Bell Sheffield Review

I love happy hour, where ever it is, I love it. Whether it's 241, half price drinks or whatever else people can give me. But I always associate happy hour with drinks, so I was kinda shocked when Taco Bell invited me down to try their happy hour sharing menu.

 I luckily got to bring a + 1 for this, so my little sister volunteered to come with as she obsessed with fast food. I was so excited, who doesn’t love fast food? Taco Bell is somewhere I never really think to go when I’m craving something quick and easy. I really didn’t know what to expect, so before I was able to get to the restaurant, all I had to go on was their press release.

 “Taco Bell, pioneers of Californian inspired Mexican cuisine is excited to announce its new Happy Hour menu, available across all Taco Bell stores in the UK. The Happy Hour menu, a restaurant first, is a celebration of Taco Bell’s Live Más ethos offering Más Food, Más Drinks, Más Sharing. “

 Not really leaving much to the imagination right? But still was so freaking excited. So 3 pm on one Sunday; my sister and I headed into Town to go to the Devonshire Green Branch. Before they even knew we were going to review them and their cooking; they greeted us with friendly faces and a really positive vibe.

 We explained who we are and they talked us through the menu we’d be trying that day, we then explained about my sister's phobia of cheese so they made sure that cheese from the fries didn’t get on anything else on the sharers and didn’t put any cheese on her nachos. *more on this later*.

 So we grabbed a seat and waited for our food. Sipped on our Freezes (Strawberry or Lemon Slush drinks). I highly recommend these drinks to everyone, the Lemon was so perfect. You can pay extra to make them Twisted Freezes and they’ll make them alcoholic, we didn’t try these as my sister is 15 and I was driving that day.

 Then to my sister's embarrassment, I began taking pictures of the interior, It's such a chill vibe that I just wanted to capture it some somehow. After a couple of minutes; our food was brought out to us, we became so overwhelmed by the amount of food.I’ll do this in the order to my worst to best, then the desserts on their own.

 So platter one. Cheesy Quesadilla Nachos; So these are vegetarian, filled with cheese and all for me. These weren't my favourite out of all the platters we had on that day, but something had to not be the best. Don’t get me wrong.they were really nice to eat, I love cheese, I would order something else from these though.


Beefy, Cheesy Loaded Nachos without the cheese. This is what my sister wanted more than anything, she loves nachos and I’m a fussy nacho eater. So I’m not a fan when nachos have meats on them and these had chilli on them. I did try them, and they were nice. My sister did say that these are the best thing on the Taco Bell menu and actually made a trip the next day on her own to get them again. WHAT A CUTIE!


Chicken Share Plate; THIS IS THE BEST ONE! Omg, so you get 3 pieces of fried chicken, cheesy fries and chicken quesadilla’s. The fried chicken is juicy, crispy just perfect. Then the chicken quesadilla’s, ugh I could eat them every day. Then finally the fries are what surprised me the most.


Okay so let me reveal a big secret before I explain how good they are, I don’t like potatoes. I never have, I don't eat chips, crisps or roasties. They don’t appeal to me at all. Then these fries at Taco Bell came out and they were covered in some paprika-ry spices and cheese. I picked them up and really freaking enjoyed them. I wouldn’t go out of my way to get them again but I would definitely eat them again.

 So at a level of extreme fullness, our dessert sharer came out; we both ate one Churro and one Chocodillas then asked for a box so we could take them home and actually enjoy them without being so full. I love Churros so I already knew they would be a winner, they had a chocolate sauce for us to dip them in.

 The Chocodillas were like quesadillas but filled with chocolate and happiness. So yum, these were my favourite, next time I’m up that side of sheffield I’m getting more. I will recommend them to anyone.

 I only had one fault for the whole time here; I really didn’t like the guacamole, it tasted a bit different and weird. It’s not bad though to only dislike one thing though out of the 4 platters.

 I would definitely go back again and now would rather go to Taco Bell than other fast food places like KFC. There was just so much more for them to offer. The new Happy Hour menu is now available everyday from 3pm-6pm at all Taco Bell stores.

*Please note that all food and drinks were paid for and provided by Taco Bell but all opinions and photos are my own