Swegway: A modern day fairytale

Let's talk about the most fun I've had in a long time. A while back I was invited down to Swegway Sheffield to find my true destiny. While this wasn't the actual intention of the evening, I absolutely fell in love with Swegways.  I am supposed to be explaining to you why these are such a great mode of transport, but instead, I'm going to tell you the story of a true winner.

It's a truly epic tale and it starts with three bloggers Beverly, Kirsty and the most perfect one of all Billie Geena aka me who each get an invite to the Swegway event by a lovely chap called Sandy (bare with me this is actually a really good story). They nervously wait for the day to come not knowing what to expect, through social media they come up with a plan of how they will mentally prepare for the evening. The date draws closer and the girls continue to eagerly wait. After what feels like no time at all, the girls start their plan. They meet before the event and drown their fears with cocktails at the Forum.

They bravely head around the corner to the Swegway store, where they are greeted with more drinks to calm them further. The passionate employees of Swegway tell the girls and all of the other bloggers about the Swegways, and what they will be doing this evening. Billie ever so clumsy and incredibly scared necks two Corona's to build the courage she needs.

They head over to the mini race track, and like a Phoenix, Billie rises from the dust and soars across the track. By dust, I mean self-doubt. And amazingly - she actually is half decent at this? Whaaat.

Billie races on all of the Swegways offered to her, like a true warrior she is the only blogger to dare brave the one-wheeled Swegway.


Then the race began, each blogger raced in the Swegway Kart across the track, Billie becoming the bravest rider of all went first. Billie actually won this race by having the fastest time, unfortunately, the evil employee who was judging the race penalised Billie and her racing for not actually staying inside the lines of the track. There for she came in fourth place and died from a broken heart.

Just kidding about that last part. However, I did have lots of fun. Below are the details of the models of Swegways I drove.  I have also included the links for the ones I want just in case my mum is reading this because I have a Birthday at some point.

Again I had an amazing time here and I would love to buy a Swegway myself, however, I am poor and I live near a main road so it wouldn't be safe for someone as useless as me.

Billie Geena

* This post was made in collaboration with Swegway, all opinions and views are my own