Step at Concord Leisure Centre

Another #AD for you here pals, honestly though these are my own opinions and photos. This is part of the #movegbsheffield campaign. 

I was scrolling through the Move GB app for something new to try. I wanted to find something  that isn’t too far from home and that would be fairly easy. I spotted Step at Concord Leisure Centre and thought it sounded perfect. Move GB makes booking so easy, all I need to do is pick the class I want and they sort the rest. Once they have booked you on, they send you an email confirming the class and that's it.


Fun fact, I hadn’t been to Concord to exercise since I was a kid. I did swimming lessons there for about 3 weeks, broke my arm and stopped; I still can’t swim.

In my head I thought “this would be great!”, it'll be me and a few older ladies stepping in beat. I could not have been more wrong. I walked into the fitness studio and there were people of all ages, sizes, genders and ability and I felt really welcome.


Everything started off slowly, just how I thought it would be, stepping in time and changing direction. Then all of a sudden, things sped up and got rather advanced rather quickly. Pivoting, kneeing, twisting and shaking - oh man. Step is bloody tiring! Everybody was really good though so I tried my absolute best to keep in time. I couldn’t expect to be perfect on my first session but I definitely couldn’t have got further away from perfect!


I really enjoyed this class, it really exceeded my expectations and thoroughly tired me out. I’ll probably be going back soon too. 

The only way I can describe Step is “Friendly, Fun and bloody tiring.”.