5 Shows You Should Totally Watch This October

We have all waited a very long time to start getting our woolly jumper and pumpkins out. That’s right, Spooky Season is finally upon us. I feel like I spend the whole year waiting for Halloween to come around. I think it’s the most magical time of the year. 

I love that it gets dark earlier, it’s colder so I can wrap up in blankets but most of all I love binging on spooky shows. I spend all year watching brilliant and creepy shows to get myself prepared for when Halloween comes around. As I’m a fantastic person, I would like to share some hauntingly brilliant Halloween Netflix recommendations. 

Haunting of Hill House

I feel like everyone already knows about Haunting of Hill House, it was last year big break out show and it gripped the world. They’re currently creating a second season but I think you should revisit Hill House this Halloween. 

It’s beautifully directed, cleverly written and has a fantastic cast. This creepy drama follows the recently bereaved Crain family. Jumping from past to present, you become fully emerged in the horrifying events that follow.

A challenge, whilst watching this show see how many out of place ghosts you spot throughout. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This quirky teen drama follows Sabrina, a teenage witch. Unlike the 90’s hit show this show is less about the comedy and more about the occult. Throughout Sabrina struggles between the two worlds, the mortal world with her friends or the satanic, magical world with her family. 

In Chilling Adventures of Sabrina you follow a diverse story line and brilliant actors, you will find yourself incredibly immersed in this harrowing show. 

Stranger Things


Like much of the world, I love Stranger Things. My favourite to watch around Halloween is season 2. 

If you haven’t watched Stranger Things, this show is amazing. Inspired by the former MK Ultra conspiracy, which has since been revealed as true. You follow a close group of friends whose lives get derailed after the disappearance of a friend. You quickly get thrown into a world of conspiracy, horror and true nerdy 80s culture. 

American Horror Story

So as a new season is coming out on TV, the last season has been uploaded to Netflix which of course I have got through with in 2 days.

Each season of American Horror Story follows a new set of characters and thrown into horrific situations with equally horrific people. Each nail biting season is a story that will keep you on your toes. 

The latest season is set after and during the build up to the apocalypse, as well as bringing back some much loved characters.

Evil Genius

Evil Genius is very different from all the other shows I have recommended, this is a 4 part documentary about a horrific bank robbery that ended with murder. With graphic content following this murder of Brian Well, this documentary deep dives in the unsolved “Collar Bomber” crime. 

It’s a very unsettling documentary that scares me more than all the other shows. 

So that’s my list of Halloween Netflix Recommendations

If you watch any of these shows let me know! I’m still recovering from American Horror Story and need to discuss it.

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