R1se Yoga with Move GB

*Please note that this is an #Ad as part of my ongoing collaboration with Move GB, all photos and opinions are my own.

I’m lots of things, literally there are 100’s of things I would describe myself as; I’m funny, weird, creative, a dog lover and a tryer. I will try anything once.

There a loads of things that I am not. I cannot say that I’m zen, flexible, relaxed or good at yoga. However this did not stop me, I decided to try yoga once, then again and then I will return as many times as I can.

I had a history of not really understanding Yoga. Many moons ago I went to a beginners yoga class in a rando sports hall and I enjoyed the novelty but I thought it’s probably not for me. I don’t know if it was because it was dusty or the vibe was off but I just was not sure about it.

Since I became an ambassador for Move GB, I kept eyeing yoga up and thinking “maybe it’s worth another shot”.  It was a Thursday afternoon and I was having a really bad day, I felt like I needed something. Maybe wine? For some reason I sat at my desk and scrolled through all the classes in Sheffield happening that evening and then I saw it.

Something that sounded new and so interesting to me, Hot Chill at R1se. What could it be? I didn’t know but it sounded wild and I wanted to do it. So I began to research and its essentially Hot Yoga but focusing on relaxing the body and mind. I instantly booked onto the course and excitedly waiting for the evening.

R1se is at Krynkl, the cool and quirky shipping container building, at Shalesmoor. It’s about a 10 minute drive for me, so I decided to get there early to have a nosey round before hand. When you walk in there is a cute little reception/refreshments area, then lockers and then the studio.

Yoga mats were put out for us into organised lines and mirrors surrounded the studio. The mirrors are there so everyone can see the instructor.

The class were warmer than I expected (duh its hot yoga), I expected it to be warm but it were hot. It was like that feeling of just getting off of an airplane in a hot country, it wasn’t uncomfortable just warmer than I’m used to.  This made every pose feel slightly more difficult but it did feel like a good work out. It genuinely were the most relaxing work out I had ever done. I got so sweaty, sorry tmi.

At the end of the class, we lied still with out eyes closed and the instructor came round placing cold towels on our foreheads, which really made it for me. It were the nice cooling I needed after trying my best to keep up with everyone else.

We was then offered herbal teas at the end if we wanted one, but all I wanted was my bed. Which I then rushed to and had the best night's sleep that I’d had in a long time.

I have been recommending R1se to so many people ever since this class and without using Move GB I would have never had found it. I will be returning but I’m more excited to see what class I might do next.