Return to Paradise Island with VR #AD

To start off with I must inform you that this is an ad, both games were gifted to me, I was not paid. All photos and opinions are my own. Now that’s out of the way lets get to the fun stuff!

Mini golf has really started to grow on me, I’ve been a couple of times now through my blog and I’ve even started suggesting it as date night options. I’ve had some practise now and really do feel like if I try I will win.

Paradise Island have recently upped their game by adding some Virtual Reality (VR) to the experience. This is what I was there to play with. Before you start your game you can download their app, which is called “Paradise Island Adventure Game”. On the app there are loads of virtual reality gimmicks that you can add to your game.

As always I will be truly honest and it is a bit lame for grown ups. There a face filters, lava pools and tiki warriors you can add it to the game. I feel like kids will love these features, however other than spending minutes trying to post with a tiki warrior, I got bored of the VR pretty quickly.

I found the app more useful because you can keep score on it. I always crumple up the little cards or lose the pencil so I found this feature very helpful. Unfortunately during out first game the app crashed and lost score. I brought my friend Gill with me, and she was absolutely smashing it, she kept getting holes in ones and kept gloating. I was pretty happy when the game lost her score.

I love that the difficulty of each hole varies and after getting a hole in one you can then take 10 attempts for the next one. I personally love the uphill ones where you get it into a hole then it reappears somewhere else. It’s a varies game and if the The Masters were anything like this I’d be going for that trophy.

We decided that Gill basically won but didn’t have any proof of it. We then played the second game and the app worked perfectly. Which I swear is a coincidence. I also ended up winning which was a surprise to everybody. Including myself

Again, this is my own opinion, Mini golf is fun and if you are in Sheffield you should definitely give it go. With or with out the VR.