Relationships: A Week On Plenty Of Fish

This post isn’t me complaining about being a singleton, but that first half of the sentence is a massive lie. A large part of me really wants to have somebody to spend my time with, I don’t want to sound like a loner with no friends. I do have friends, and like anyone in their 20’s (Including myself) we’re all super busy. So I don’t get to spend as much time with them as I’d like to, I would have somebody to go on dates with, and for them to take amazing candid outfit shots for my blog. Therefore my last year and a half-ish on dating sites. Most recently my friend Kirstie suggested I try Plenty Of Fish, and I reluctantly agreed to sign up to it.

The joining of the site was a bit of a ball ache, there were so many questions and I’m not known for having the best attention span. So it took like 20 minutes for us to set it up on my phone. I hate creating a biography of myself because I’m very open about calling myself a horrible person. I’m actually not horrible at all, but I have a fear of people having too high of an opinion of me. Thankfully Kirstie wrote my personal summary for me because I can’t do that myself, not if I want to find a future husband!

So I got onto the account eventually and got to work. I filled out a personality assessment, and I completely disagreed with the results. It’s not often I complete something and want to shout bullshit, and I do a lot of personality quizzes. I mean, who can’t resist a good Buzzfeed quiz. “Order a Mcdonalds meal and we’ll tell your height, star sign, age, and credit score” Like that's just some voodoo shit. Plenty Of Fish should take a page out of BuzzFeed's books and up their personality game.

Then there this Tinder Esq side of the app. Which  I hate so much. Like the guys are there which is the good thing, but there no way to check the location. So I was matching with people in Essex, which is most definitely not within travelling distance for a date.

Oh, and anyone can message you. It's awful, I’ve had 83 incredibly creepy guys message me. I’ve replied to two messages on there. One is one of my best guy friends who messaged me to take the piss and another guy who seems okay, but I’m too flakey to go on a date with.

Then finally the icing on the cake is, that I can’t deactivate my account at the moment. No offence plenty of fish, but I’ve never ever going to find someone I like on you. I’m sorry, but your dating site is not for me. I give up on you, and your creepy members.On to the next app.

Does anyone have any good sites I can try next? Or a hot brother aged between 21 and 25 that I can marry?