Prince of Wales Review

Prince of Wales in Sheffield recently had a refurb and I was lucky enough to be invited to their opening night. All the food and drinks I had were gifted, as always all thoughts and pictures are my own.

On arrival, we were greeted by the friendly hostess and shown to the bar, I ordered a gin and my guest, Gabe, ordered a cider. The gin was a wild experience, they made me their house gin & tonic and I picked my own garnishes.  Overwhelmed by all the choice I went for Grapefruit and Basil, which went perfectly.

We sat next to the fireplace whilst we sipped on our drinks. I left Gabe at our table and explored the pub. I’d never been into the Prince of Wales before the refurb, I used to work nearby and drove by everyday yet I never visited. So I can’t really compare to how it was before.

I really loved the decor, I took loads of pictures to add to my home inspo for when I move out in June. The whole pub felt very comfortable, like if I lived closer it would be my local.

We was also given a selection of their starters to pick from, which came in hand when we ordered our starters. After our drinks, we went across into the dining area and were seated. After a few minutes of looking at the menu, we ordered our meal. I ordered the Scallops of the day and Gabe got Crispy Karaage Chicken.

The Scallops was served on top of lentils and a puree. I’m going through a thing with scallops at the moment, I’m obsessed, it's probably because I’ve been watching a lot of Hells Kitchen. SO, I can tell you they were soft and perfectly seared. I thoroughly enjoyed them, should I return I will definitely be ordering the same.

Gabe’s Crispy Karaage Chicken, I couldn’t try this because of my intolerances so we can only go on his words. This chicken was served with mooli, kale & cauliflower couscous salad then on top of a cucumber ribbon. One the side was a jug of katsu sauce.  Upon asking Gabe what he thought he only said “Lovely Jubbly”. So I’m guessing it’s good.

For my main I ordered the Rack of Lamb, Served with aubergine, roasted sweet peppers, potato dauphinoise, and red wine Jus. I also ordered a side of broccoli because I’m all about the vegetables right now. I had to have some of my Milkaid tablets because of the milk in the dauphinoise. Lamb is my absolute favourite meat, its were juicy and pink. The whole meal just worked perfectly. I’d definitely advise ordering this, however when I return I want to order the pork with scallops, it sounded amazing and I got jealous seeing other people eating it.

Gabe ordered Chargrilled Lamb Kofta, Goats’ curd, plum tomato, roasted red pepper, cucumber & mint salad with lavash bread.  This again was something I couldn’t eat so we’re going with Gabe’s thoughts again. Weirdly this is such a non Gabe meal, I rarely ever see him eat anything healthy and he ordered something with salad. He thoroughly enjoyed this dish and would order it again.

Then desserts came around, I went for a the vegan option so I wouldn’t need more tablets.  I had pineapple tart tatin, which came with coconut milk sorbet and fresh mango. It was sweet and so delicious. I enjoyed it because it was just a light pudding, so I didn’t feel bloated after eating it, which I normally do after three courses.

Gabe ordered the pudding I wanted so bad. He had the melting chocolate & peanut bomb. I loved the drama of this. So it was served inside a chocolate sphere, which the waiter melted away by pouring a hot caramel sauce over to get to the sticky toffee pudding and peanut butter cream. It was wild.

So now it’s time for my final thoughts.  Was it good? YES. Will I return? Heck YES.

I love that they have a vegan menu and I loved how helpful they were with my intolerance’s. I think I might bring my mum here for her birthday or Mothers day.