Personal Styling at John Lewis Sheffield

I'll be honest, when I'm going clothes shopping I have never thought to go to John Lewis, I'm very much a New Look girl. 

Recently I found out that there is a have a free personal styling service you can book onto at John Lewis, and I'm going through a stage where I HATE all of my clothes.  So I thought it would be  a great opportunity for me to try something that I would not pick for myself. 

My session was hosted by the lovely PJ and Kim, who I must say are the coolest and nicest people. They made feel very comfortable and really understood my personal style. We went over what I like to wear and my personal style then they built on it from there. 


We went over my colours, I'm very much a late summer and autumn for my colouring and they showed me with different fabrics what colours look best on me. 

tea dress.JPG

They had me try on styles I'd never pick for myself and I ended up buying a couple of they picked out for me.  They picked out this beautiful tea dress, which are something that I always think are cute but I never thought they was every me. I had never felt so cute than I do when I wear it. 


They also picked out a lovely blue/grey suede jacket, which is now the most comfortable and beautiful item of clothing I have. 

You can book into a personal styling session here