Party Hard, Train Harder

This Christmas season it has very much been about partying hard for me, Christmas do, plenty of drinks and food. I have seriously over indulged. 

My December started off with a messy Christmas do with work, which I promised myself I'd go for the meal and by home early. Instead I went to Dempsey's, my favourite nightclub in Sheffield, and I'm still unsure what time I came home. 


I then sampled Hoptails at the Botanist, I got incredibly smashed on Budweise Budvar. Omg they Moscow Mule Hoptail is amazing!

I then got Laryngitis and had a week of canceled plans and quietness. Which kinda sucked.

I attended Rent Party and the Crucible Theatre which was a surreal experience and one of the best live performances I have seen this year. I also got a little tipsy there, which is always a winner. 


Then the Christmas weekend came around, on the Friday I went to the pub straight from work and managed to stick to my I'm going home early plans. Then on Saturday my long distance BFF was in Sheffield so we obviously had to go to a pub then too. 

Christmas day and Boxing day was a hoot with the family. A large turkey dinner, lots of games and drinks. 

Now the year is coming to an end, I'm bloated, tired and wanting to shred a few pounds. So I've joined up with Teenage Cancer Trust and I'm joining in with their Party Hard Train Harder campaign. Everyday in January I will be walking 10,000 steps and trying to raise some money for a fantastic cause. 


"Teenage Cancer Trust makes sure the seven young people aged 13 to 24 diagnosed with cancer every day don’t face it alone. They help young people and their families deal with the many ways cancer affects your body, mind and life. The charity works in partnership with the NHS, providing expert staff and specialist units in Principal Treatment Centres for cancer, and bring young people together so they can support each other. "

You can donate here
I'll be keeping you all up to date on my social media, so please follow along and donate. 

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