Pago Premium Fruit Juices - Review

Recently I was sent a few flavours of Pago's Fruit Juices to try, I was sent the Orange, Rhubarb and Pear and ACE (Orange, Lemon and Carrot) flavours. 

Pago is a brand that I recognise the logo but wasn't sure where I knew it from, while researching the brand I learnt that it is a very popular brand around Europe so I have most likely had it on holiday before. 

The drinks came in the post and I was so excited to crack the open to try them. The came in these cute glass bottles and make an exciting popping noise when you open the drink. All drinks taste great in a glass bottle - FACT.

First I tried the Orange Juice, it was sweet and fresh tasting with a few tasty bits. I sometimes find with mass produced orange juice that there is a bitter taste and with Pago there was non of that. It was a really refreshing drink that would go down perfectly with breakfast or as a tequila sunrise. 

Rhubarb and Pear, was the one I was post excited about, I LOVE Rhubarb. The drink was sweeter than I expected, that must have been the pear. The juice was really smooth and fresh. It left me craving summer and feeling inspired for some fruity desserts. 

The ACE Juice was the real winner though, it was such a strange flavour that left me wanting more. My sister was convinced it was mango juice, it definitely isn't that though. The Orange, Carrot and Lemon is just so balanced and hydrating. I honestly could drink it all day, everyday. 


You can find out more about Pago Premium Fruit Juices here.  

*Please note Pago Juices were gifted to me but all opinions and photos are my own.