Nourish: Healthy Fast Food?

Lunchtime. For me, lunch is pretty stressful. I have anxiety about making decisions of what to eat, I’m lactose intolerant and I’m kind of a fussy eater. So the struggle is real. In my short lunch hour, I often end up being drawn to fast food. Which isn’t good, I suffer from IBS as well as having my allergies.

Around about a year ago, I heard about a healthy fast food place not far from where I worked at the time, called Nourish. I started going every other day for a warm salad they used to do with sweet potato and spinach. It was amazing. After I left that job I didn’t end up going for a really long time.

Then around a month ago, Nourish got in touch, they wanted me to pop over to their brand new place over on Ecclesall Road. I obviously said yes. I was incredibly excited to see how they had evolved from when I used to go regularly.  

On arrival, the guys at nourish welcomed us and explained what we would be doing through the evening and they also told us about the ethics of the business. Nourish believe in “Healthy Fast Food”. Everything is freshly made daily, the whole menu has been made with absolute scrutiny. They really care about where the food they serve come from, they pick and choose their suppliers from all around the world to ensure that they will be fairly getting the best product they can.

I think it’s amazing Nourishes whole attitude towards food and making their food be as beneficial for their customers as possible.

They guys at Nourish brought around various dishes that they serve on a daily basis for us to try. There were so many different things we got to try and you could taste how fresh every ingredient is.

There were five dishes that we tried that particularly stood out to me;

Rad Thai - A play on Pad Thai. It was a sweet and crunchy salad with Rice noodles and Cashew nuts really making this a winning dish. It’s so beautifully created, it's hard to imagine that this is actually fast food. It’s perfectly balanced and I can’t recommend this enough.  You can also get it with chicken - I personally prefer it without.

Morrocan Meatballs - It's turkey meatballs made with apricots, with a rich sauce. You an get with brown rice or on a baked sweet potato. This is actually one of Nourishes best sellers too and you need to just try it once to know that.

Supergreens and Kimchi - I LOVE KIMCHI. IT’S THE BEST ONE. So… I really love this baked sweet potato topping. I could eat Kimchi every day and I’d be pretty happy.

Chicken Malabar - It’s like a fruity chicken and vegetable curry. It’s not spicy and It’s not too sweet. Another perfect example of Nourish’s understanding of food, everything just belongs together in this dish.

Chocolate Avocado Mousse - Made with dark chocolate and no dairy. It was a dream, it’s sweet and bitter at the same time. I really enjoyed this pudding, I don’t get to eat desserts very often anymore since I had to stop eating dairy however it was a tiny bit too bitter for myself.

If it isn’t obvious I love this place again. If you live or work in Sheffield either in the town center or on Eccie Road you HAVE to go here for your lunch!

Billie Geena

*This post was arranged by Nourish, however, all photos and opinions are my own*