Spa Natural Fitness at the Mercure Hotel

This review is a part of a series of posts I am doing with Move GB and is a #AD which belongs to their Move GB Sheffield campaign. All photos and opinions are my own. 

If you have been reading this series you might have read that I cannot swim, which is something I am pretty embarrassed about. I’ve had swimming lessons yet I still cannot do it. I’m like driftwood, I float perfectly but I just cannot get from A to B. I will be going to Mexico in a few months and I would love to be able to swim without having to be watched or looked after. 

I decided to take it upon myself to learn. I had onland lessons with my work friend Gary, I practised the movements at my desk and watched videos online trying to figure it all out. I had done the theory of swimming but not actually practised in the water. 

Which brings me to this review. I’d been eyeing up Spa Natural Fitness at the Mercure Hotel for spa treatments, I love a pamper. Little did I know they had a gym and a pool that you can book on to through Move GB so I simply found them on the app and when I got there I just had to click the check in button.

I had a half day at work and thought that afternoon would be the perfect time. I toddled over from work and stepped on to my next adventure. I was greeted by the friendly receptionist who ran me through everything about gym. I then traded my ID to get keys for the lockers and paid a pound because I forgot my towel so I needed to borrow one. 


I explored the multistorey gym (there is a lift), found the changing rooms and got changed into my gym gear. Once I was ready, I went up to the studio and spent 20 minutes warming up on the bike and treadmill; the studio felt very relaxed and had lots of lovely plants dotted around.

I then went back down to the changing room and switched into my swimming gear. I had a shower and headed to the pool. Thankfully I was the only person there, so I could take my time building up my courage. 


The pool wasn’t too deep; I could stand with my head comfortably out of the water which, at 5ft 2, is a rare occasion. I started by walking the length of the pool in the water but I’m not too sure why I did that to be honest, maybe I were stalling. I then tried to swim from one end to the other, I ended up stopping after about a third of the way. It was a process and a half to be honest but my aim was to swim one length without stopping. 

I kept trying and trying for about 25 minutes. It was exhausting, on what must have been 12th attempt I did it, one full length. I know to most of you that it’s nothing, swimming is easy, but it is huge achievement for me. I tried to do another but my body was getting tired, I’m not very fit. 

I decided to take this time alone in the pool to just float and relax. I floated for about 5 minutes and then I got anxious that someone would see me on the cctv and think that I have died. I decided then it was time to go.

I showered again, changed and traded my key back for my ID. 

I had a delightful time and would return again and again for the pool, I loved that it wasn’t busy and I had no reason to feel anxious.