MoveGB Announcement

New Year, New Me? Why is this such a big deal, each year people jump on this bandwagon only to give up by February, it's a really sucky mindset. Like, why does it have to be the new year to start making changes to your life and trying to improve yourself?

That been said, I’m a sheep and I’ve really been suckered into this mindset myself, I’m just not willing to give up any time soon. I’ve got a big year ahead of me, I will be moving out and going on many adventures.

My biggest goal for the 2019 is to lose weight, I will be going to Mexico in June and I would love to be able to be comfortable in a bikini. I am pretty body confident normally, but I would like to look back at the photos from this trip and love the way I look. I want my memories of Mexico to filled of joy and not thinking “oh on that day I chafed really bad” or “Oh that’s the day we went to a water park and I felt like a whale”.

Then I will be going to Disneyland Paris in September and I want to be able to keep up with everything. I don’t want the walking and queuing to tire me out. I want to be there at rope drop and still be energised after the firework display.

I’ve started cutting down my meal sizes, I’ve said goodbye to my beloved sweets, meat-free Mondays are now a part of my life, I’m eating out way less and going for walks during my lunch hour.

I’m really really trying.

One of the things I am doing to keep myself on track is that I am teaming up with MoveGB to become one of their brand ambassadors. WHICH IS MEGA EXCITING.

I’ve struggled with the whole gym thing before because I get bored so easily. With MoveGB I will be able to join 1000’s of classes around Sheffield, there is so much more variety.  I could try Yoga or Punk Rope or HIIT or Belly Dancing. I can find something to truly enjoy and to keep coming back to.

I will document my whole journey with them and hopefully learn some new things along the way.