Mini Golf, Waffles and Winning

What feels like many moons ago but actually it was two weeks ago. Where does the time go? I went to an event at Valley Centertainment where I got a well overdue catch up with my girl Prue, check out her blog here.

Prue and Billie

I’ve been to these before but not for a very long time. The idea of the event was to showcase all of the fantastic entertainment and food establishments. We got invited down to play mini golf, eat, drink and eat some more. AMAZING

I got there around 7ish and was greeted by the lovely PR and quickly met up with Prue. We went around Paradise Island to play some mini golf, which normally I’m terrible at. I’ve played mini golf a few times and I have always done terribly. Luckily for me I went a week or two before the event and got some practise in. My competitive nature took over and I think I won, you know. Mini golf is wild, it is so much fun for dates, mates and I guess families too. It’s a very diverse sport (is sport the right term?).

Me playing mini golf

We then went across to Frankie and Benny’s for a meal, I’ll be honest here my food anxiety kicked in, I couldn’t spot anything low fodmap so I necked a few of my Milkaid tablets and ordered the Chicken Parmigiana. I washed it down with the Amalfi Mocktail, I was driving that night. I am so responsible. I enjoyed my meal, but in all honestly I did have a flare up because of garlic and onion.


When then headed to the newest edition of centertainment, 39 Desserts. Strangely they sell alot more than 39 desserts. We asked where the name came from and we was told that don’t know, so it’s a mystery to us all.

I ordered a waffle, with maple syrup and strawberries. I had to knock back a few more milkaid tablets but that’s no problem. I thoroughly enjoyed my dessert, I also tried a coconut milkshake but only had a couple of sips because I would probably die.  I have said to bae that I will take him next time we’re in centertainment, I’m sure we will return again and again.

*I was invited to this event by a pr representing centertainment. All opinions are my own.