Mecca Bingo Sheffield - Comedy Night

Have you ever been invited somewhere and created an image of how things are going to be then turned up and been nicely surprised? This happened to me the other day. I was invited to review a comedy night at Mecca Bingo and in my head I made a snap judgement.

I was expecting groups of ladies with blue hair and perms flocking to the bingo hall, dotting pens at the ready, eager to play some bingo and have a laugh or a cackle. I actually was feeling quite anxious about going, I really should know by now that things are never what I expect.


We rocked up around 8 pm and had such a friendly greeting, then shown to our seats. We were given a menu and some drink tokens, I didn’t even realise you could drink in bingo halls as daft as that sounds, I guess it was another weird judgement I made. The audience were filled with such a range of people. There was students, parties and older people, the atmosphere were delightful.

We ordered fish and chips and a chicken basket with a couple of ciders (annoyingly I forgot to take pictures of the food, we was just excited to eat). My chicken basket was lovely, I demolished it in seconds, I palmed off my onion rings and coleslaw to my plus one and stole some of their chips. I’m sure I say this in ever blog post “I’m not a chip fan” but these tasted like proper chippy chips. I really enjoyed them!

Team Billie Smells for the win

Team Billie Smells for the win

Then the pre-show comedy quiz started, unfortunately I wasn’t at my seat when our team name was decided so team Billie Smells was ready to kill and crush this. Each segment and all of the questions were announced from a video tape of a very Yorkshire lad. To elevate how funny this was, my plus one isn’t from round here so I was translating quite a bit during the quiz.

Despite our best efforts, we didn't win.

The show then started and was introduced by Barry Dodds, who were the hilarious MC throughout. He is really funny and interactive with the audience with out completely roasting us. Barry was followed by Tony Cowards, who is a quick-witted comedian throwing one-liners left, right and centre.

Barry Dodd

Barry Dodd

The headline comedian were Vikki Stone, who is also a singer/songwriter and wore amazing shoes. I thought she were hilarious, and she had me completely sold when at the end of the night she sang a song featuring the music from Jurassic Park. She left me throughly tickled.

After the comedy night, we was walking back and just discussing the whole evening and were in stitches for all the best reasons. 

I really would recommend comedy nights at Mecca Bingo.

*Please note entry, food and drink was gifted to me however all opinions and photos are my own.

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