Meadowhall Prom and Wedding Day

Meadowhall on a weekend during the day is actually my idea of hell, I’m a claustrophobic, general public avoiding type of person so when provided the opportunity to go to Meadowhall for the day to see what they had to offer throughout prom and wedding season. Initially, I considered turning down the invitation however my sister's prom will be coming up in a year's time, and I don’t want her to have the experience I had.


Here’s just a tiny insight to my prom dress shopping, it was my mum, my 70+ year old great-aunt and myself spending 3 hours in Debenhams looking at dresses. All the ones I loved, they hated and vice versa. There was stress arguing and a whole lot of stress. After what felt like a lifetime we picked a bridesmaid dress, which was actually a very popular choice. It was a red, strapless, knee-length dress which, don’t get me wrong it was nice, I looked great in it. However read back a couple of sentences and you’ll find the word popular. So I wasn’t the only one wearing this dress at my prom. NIGHTMARE! Without sounding catty, it became a popular opinion that I wore it best. I felt pretty fly.

Now back to my main point, my sister's prom is coming up so I need to know what Meadowhall has to offer, so she doesn’t have the same problems as I did.

It was 10 am on a Saturday morning, which meant Meadowhall wasn’t busy yet and it was time for my first part of the prom experience. I headed to House Of Fraser and sought out the Nars counter, where they gave me a makeover. Which was so exciting to say I’m a beauty blogger I don’t really know much about Nars as a brand or their products. The lovely makeup artist asked me what I wanted to focus on during our session, and I want to know more about the face. I’m bored of having dramatic eyes, or overdrawing my lips, so show me how to perfect my face Nars. It was really nice actually, they did a full face, but they really talked me through how the do people faces. I love makeup and I love learning new techniques. They did a really natural look on me, which is far from how I normally do my makeup. After an hour, I was really impressed, they even sparked a love for blue eyeliner.

Looking decent for once, we walked over to Topshop for a personal shopping experience. When Topshop’s stylist, Kirby talked us through this season's trends for wedding guest outfits. Upon arrival Kirby hooked us up with Prosecco I love an early morning drink. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know Topshop had a personal shopping space, which is free to use. You can either book an appointment or book in advance, it's so cool. Kirby, will be honest with you and dress you to your tastes while making you fashion forward. I wish I wasn’t broke at the moment, or I’d be getting a new wardrobe with her.

After, becoming style experts we headed to Accsessorize, to get our hair done. I had a lovely plaited updo done, and I felt to pretty. They were so kind to me as well, I explained about my bald spot and they covered it beautifully. It’s not often I feel confident about how I look, but with my hair and my makeup, I felt really good about myself.

I can’t wait until next year, where I can go again with my little sister and relive my prom through her.

Billie Geena

*This post was in collaboration with Meadowhall, all opinions are my own