McDelivery Review

Please note that this a paid review with McDonald’s. All pictures and thoughts are my own.

Since starting a new job and moving back to my mum’s house, I’ve found myself with less time on my hands and a lot more stress; I now have to commute again and it does make my day much longer.

Sometimes when get in, I don’t want to cook - I just want fast and comforting food.

Before, I was living in the town centre and could get any food at any time, which was great but the last time I lived at home, I was out of the catchment for many delivery services. Now McDelivery has launched in Crystal Peaks and Darnall, whilst in partnership with Uber Eats,

McDelivery is available to anyone ordering within 1.5 miles of the restaurants, so it now covers most of Sheffield!

I love being able to order the food whilst on the bus; it means I can get in, have a shower and my food is delivered just as I’m ready for it! It takes away any effort and planning. McDelivery is a wonderful treat!

The whole menu is available for delivery, including the Great Taste of America range.


With my food intolerances, I love being able to customise my order online too. The Big Mac is probably my favourite thing on the menu and I can order one with no onions, so it’s perfect for me.

They really do considered everything with delivery. They separate hot and cold items into different bags so you don’t need to worry about a melted McFlurry or your chips going cold.


They give you plenty of napkins and sauces - sweet curry sauce, is my everything.

I know it’s not to do with McDelivery but I am so proud of McDonalds for scrapping the plastic straws. The new paper straws are good quality and don’t go sticky when being used. It’s wonderful to see big companies take steps to help the environment.


If Gabe and I are going to have a lazy movie night in, I can order a share box of Chicken Nuggets or a couple of burgers and we can just relax knowing food we enjoy will come directly to the door.

McDelivery, does make my evenings easier by giving me time and more food freedom. With McDelivery the prices are the same as they are in the restaurants, so it really is a nice, cheap, chilled treat.

Billie GeenaComment