Lost & Found

My inner insta-hipster is sooooo beyond happy.

Late on in 2018, Sheffield got our very own Lost & Found and it’s hecka cute. This new restaurant was botanically inspired and had hidden hints of industrial decor to tie it in with its Steel City location.

On arrival we got a tour of the venue, it really does have lovely features. There is a beer garden which will be perfect during the summer to sit and drink far too many cocktails, a hidden bar (I’m not telling you where it is but some of the paintings are not what they seem,) and a restaurant area with cosy nooks and crannies for you to settle in. It’s an amazing place to go for drinks with your pals or to take a date. It would be SO cute for Valentines Day.

We were then given their speciality cocktail to sample, Ms Victoria B Darcy, it’s one of those that go down far to easy. It’s lovely, soft and fruity.

We were then whisked off to a surprise flower arranging class, where bae and I got to make flower crowns. To be honest, I thought I would hate it because I am the least crafty person in the world, but it turns out I was pretty good at it. Look at me, I’m so cute.

With my beautiful flower-crown placed proudly upon my head, we were ready to see what else Lost & Found had to offer. Food time was upon us. We browsed the menu while nibbling on the Antipasti Sharing platter, my lucky lactose intolerant self managed to trade my mozzarella for bae’s gherkins and olives. Olives are the best.

For main course, I ordered a rare Fillet steak, which came with some rocket and I could have picked a sauce to go with it too. For the side we ordered some sweet potato wedges (without sour cream).  I’ve had a lot of steak over the years but I had never had the fillet cut so I thought I’d go for it, don’t get me wrong it was beautifully cooked but I don’t think it’s a cut I’d go for again. For me it’s not anything special. The sweet potato fries were pretty dope though.

Gabe ordered the Goat’s Cheese and Pepperdew Peppers Pizza and he said “if you like goat’s cheese, you’re going to like this pizza” which is a pretty blah answer. He’d order it again so it must have been good.

For dessert I popped a couple of my Milk Aid tablets and ordered the Earl Grey Panna Cotta. I normally love panna cotta. I wish it was something I could eat more often. HOWEVER this earl grey one was not my cup of tea. I really did not enjoy it.

I was much more interested in Gabe’s Sticky Toffee Pudding, it was so nice. It didn’t have raisins in so it was right up my alley. Luckily for me, he had just demolished a whole pizza and some chips so he was pretty full which meant I was able to steal quite a lot of it.

I really do recommend going to Lost & Found, I will definitely go back.  I’ll be booking myself on to one of the Brunch and Bubbles mornings too.

*Please note that all food and drinks was provided by the venue at cost to myself, all opinions and photos are my own.