Kuckoo Sheffield

As a blogger, I feel that I always have, to be honest in my reviews however I also need to respect the business, especially new businesses.

I was thrilled when I got invited to the launch of Kuckoo, it's been forever since there was a new bar for me to check out in my little city. The night of the press launch was the night before the original opening, however, the actual launch ended up being delayed by a week, I wish the press night was delayed also. The press night was on a Thursday evening in a week when I was on early shifts at work, so I had to be home by 9 pm ideally.

When I arrived they were still making final touches to the bar, which is understandable you want everything to be perfect. So they kindly set up a tab for us at a nearby bar, which I was very thankful for, if I was to go home I probably wouldn't have come back. I got to meet a couple of new bloggers from the area, which is great I love meeting like minded people.

After a couple of hours, the bar was finally really, unfortunately for me, it was nearing 9 pm and I would need to head home soon. The interior of the bar is very red, it’s got a rock and roll vibe to it, I wouldn’t say it's my favourite colour scheme but the bar is very chilled. I only had time for one drink before I had to head home so I ordered “Twinkle” which is made with elderflower and prosecco. It was delish. So yum, then I had to go home.

I’m not able to give a full in depth review because I was only the bar around 45 minutes, and I wouldn’t like to get my facts wrong or mislead.

I’ll be honest, I hated the decor it. It’s very dark, there is no natural light in the bar. All light sources come from the red tables and booths. For me it’s not an aesthetic I like.

I haven’t had the opportunity to visit the bar since, seeing as the majority of my friends live outside of the city. I have heard good things from family and colleagues about the bar. I will definitely head back there one day and hopefully be able to say it's amazing or maybe not. Until then, its a nice bar and twinkle is a really nice drink.

Billie Geena

*My evening out with Kuckoo was provided by the bar all opinions are my own