My kitchen wishlist

I love a trend, I’m ridiculous like its so unhealthy. Spiralizer needed one, got one and it's never come out of the box. Popcorn machine needed one, got one and only used like 5 times. Popsocket needed one, got one and this one has been used but it's still pointless. So when I was thinking what would I put in my kitchen if I was rich? 

So do you remember in the film the Gremlins when Billy is using Mr Peltzer homemade juicer to make orange juice and it all goes chaotic. If you don’t remember that, stop reading my blog now and go watch the Gremlins. Well ever since then I’ve always wanted a juicer, it seems so fun and I love to make a mess. There these juicers by Panasonic that look dope af.

I’d also love having people stay over at my house and offer them freshly squeezed juice in the morning. There would barely any effort and I’d seem so cool.

Bread Maker:
I have my nannans old one already and it's older than me. I’d like to make sourdough or a fruit loaf. So obviously I need a £200 to spend on a newer breadmaker so I can make my own bread for my morning toast.

Quesadilla Maker:
It’s pointless, I rarely ever have quesadillas but since I found out they existed I have never wanted anything more in my life.

Egg-and-Muffin Toaster:
Okay so this toaster, is half a toaster and the over half you can fry an egg! Like multitasking has never been easier. If only it had a part to heat up tomatoes. I would pay anything for that. Yes, please.

So if I was rich; I’d give money to charity, have all the dogs and have the most appliances on the planet. If you were rich what would splash out on? 

Please note this was a sponsored post. I cannot afford or justify anything I want on this list, but it’d be really nice to have them in my life.