Kiehls Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energizing Mask

I have been talking with Kiehl's for a long while now, they were a massive Contributor to my blogger's event early this year. I love to pop by for facials and a skincare consultation with them. While I was there one day with a couple of blogger friends. The lovely ladies working that day turned me on to a face mask of theirs.


Immediately I was drawn in as it is described to invigorate and brighten skin. My tired and dull face needed to try this there and then. However, they had just completed a consultation with us and I didn't want to make them do it again.  So I bit the bullet and invested £27 on a facemask. So eagerly I took it home and followed the steps. Apply to a clean face then leave for 10 minutes, use three times a week.

On first use my first felt cold and tingled slightly while wearing the mask, it was quite pleasant. It has a nice light smell which made the whole use feel very pleasant. After 10 minutes I came to wash off the mask and learnt, you need to use hot water of its a nightmare to rinse off. I could see an immediate difference,

On the second use, the same again my face was old and tingling. Then SUDDEN BURNING. MY FACE FELT LIKE FIRE. I really wish I could say more nice things about this product, but on that second us my skin dried out and felt very tight. My mum has claimed the mask as it suits her just fine. I really wish I could have continued to use it but it is definitely not for me. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with dry/sensitive skin.

I have got a large selection of their products to try - so let's hope everything else suits me more.