Jump Inc with Move GB

Again I must make this clear that this is an Ad paid for my MoveGB and all opinions are my own.

I recently visited Jump Inc with my friend Gill. We booked through the Move GB app so once our names were registered I then had to phone up to confirm; it was a pretty straight forward process. 

We went on a Thursday evening so it were pretty quiet. We signed in at the reception and bought our friction socks, these are so we are less likely to fall and hurt ourselves. We then went to the lockers and waited for the safety video to start. 


The safety video goes over the correct way to use the trampolines and all the other facilities. Once the video ended, Gill and I were let loose. 

You could say we bounced the house down. We raced on the trampolines and had 'who can bounce higher contests', which unfortunately I lost. Honestly we had so much fun. 

There is this high platform that you can jump off and land on an inflatable safety bag. We kept building ourselves up to do it and then wimping out but we will go back and try again. 


I do recommend jump on weekdays and evenings, however on weekends I'm sure it's overrun with children so probably not the best for a work out. 

Billie GeenaComment