How To Get Into Door 74

You may have never heard of it before, but door 74 is a traditional speakeasy in Amsterdam. It’s so difficult to get in, it’s more difficult to find.

How do you get in?

  • Text 31634045122 with your name, amount of guests and time you’ll be there for.

  • You will then either get a call or a text many hours later on to confirm your booking.

  • Then you’ll get an address, you head in the general direction (we used google maps). You will eventually find these giant dark green/black doors with a door bell. We were convinced that we were getting lure into joining a cult.

  • Someone will then open to door, you have to confirm your details with them.

  • Then you’ll get let in.

The bar is a 20’s esque speakeasy, with a really chilled vibe. The bar staff are lovely and chatty. It was very sophisticated, I was a bit thrown by it to be honest. I believed that we were been lured to something shady for a long while.

After gaining entry, you are seated and there’s a small menu of drinks for you to choose one. However, they will make any drink you want if you don’t like anything on the menu.

Lauren had ‘To Be Or Not To Be’ which was prickly pear infused with Mezcal Tala Yacht, Belsozar rose vermouth, Belle de Chatagne chestnut liqueur and was served in a glass skull. This was a really dramatic and strong drink.

Louise had ‘Portrait Of A Girl In A Glass’ which was Ketel one vodka, van der Donk sloe gin, white cacao and was served in a pretty glass, I don’t know what they are called…

To be or to not to be and Portrait of a girl in a glass

Then I had ‘Imperial Bohemia’ which is made with so many things I can’t spell, so please forgive me. This was Becherovka, Slivovitz r Jelinek Gold, Fentimans Rose Lemonade and served in a tankard. This was super gingery. It was a pretty drink but I didn’t like it very much.

We then got a little bit of special treatment, and we were given some free shots. I have no idea to what they were, but they were the best shots I have ever had. I could literally drink it like a normal drink. It was sweet and fruity.

Kevin the barman, was really passionate about drinking and Amsterdam he wrote us to do list and we utterly guttered that we didn’t get to do it all. At least it’s something for if we go back.

Let me know if you’ve ever found door 74!

Billie Geena