Hi guys, 

I had to go on a little hiatus after all the receipt drama. I can't believe how far and how wild everything went but I'm ready to get back to blogging. 

After everything that happened, I genuinely became scared of social media and my blog. I got a stupid amount of hate from it all and my happy place became so scary. I was anxious to check my phone, I had to switch off notifications and play a waiting game. 

My plan were to wait and as soon as a week had gone by with no hate I'd start blogging again. I sat down to start typing and I started to have palpitations. My anxiety levels were through the roof. So I just kept waiting. I've not had any negativity in about three weeks now and I am ready to get back to it. 

My review of the Florentine will be up early next week and then we're just going to take it from there. I have some really fun an exciting projects in the pipeline which I really hope will be helpful to any IBS suffers. 

Bear with my though guys, its an uphill battle but I love my blog and I need to get back to posting regularly.

Billie xx