Hair Care Heroes

So you may have gathered from my post from a couple of weeks ago, I have incredibly thin hair, with a small collection of bald patches. Upon reflection of my rant regarding the insensitive people who frequently like to (one of) my greatest insecurities, I have completely looked over the fact that a lot of people do comment on how healthy my hair is. I have a small routine of staple products, which I allow to completely to take credit for the softness and that make my hair something that I’m not embarrassed by.

I wash my hair every other day so that I can still maintain a healthy amount of oil to my hair. I use a Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil Shampoo to wash my hair with, it is a pricier product but I feel like a little goes a long way with it. I use a pea sized drop and it does the whole job in its entirety. When it comes to conditioner, I don’t have the willpower to use just a tiny amount so I use a cheap shampoo, basically whatever is £1. Recently I have been using a massive Tresemme one.

I also do two hair treatments a week, which is partly done for relaxing but mainly for how amazing my hair feels. I try to use Kiehl’s Magic Elixer twice a week, just on my roots. I like to leave this on for around an hour, just so it can soak in.

On alternate washes I like to use Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Coconut Mask, I use this between shampooing and conditioning. I use way too much and coat all of my hair in the mask and leave this on for around 10 minutes. This gives me plenty of time to do a musical medal in the shower.

When it comes to styling I don’t always have time to do much with my hair, normally it's a quick brush then running out of my house. But sometimes I have a few extra minutes and I use Lee Stafford Lived in Spray or the Less Stafford Sea Salt Styling Mist.

Then my final and probably greatest saviour is Batiste Devine Dark Dry Shampoo. Because what 21 years old doesn’t rely on dry shampoo. It’s my ultimate hero.

Do you have any must have to go to’s for your hair care?

Billie Geena