Giraffe Meadowhall

I get so many lovely opportunities through blogging and I love nothing more than being able to share these opportunities with my friends, there is nothing that makes me happier than sharing what I love to do. So very recently I was invited by Giraffe to pop along and sample their food, with a plus one. So I decided to use this meal as a chance to have a catch-up and cadge a lift to Meadowhall!

So I booked a table at a typically busy time so we could experience the restaurant exactly how any customer would, also to start with I don’t think they waiting staff realised I was there to critically judge them and review them. So we were seated in a fairly nice booth, we then were given a moment or two to decide on what we would be drinking first I judge any restaurant that serves cocktails on how they make a Mojito, it's simple but not easy to get right. So obviously that's what I ordered while he ordered a Coke. Simples. While we sipped (or necked) our drinks we ordered the starters.

I really really wanted like Taco or on of the fried Gyoza, however, I was talked into ordering the Nacho sharing platter. And oh my god it was yum! There were so much guac and sour cream, I honestly found my happy place. I was so happy that my friend hates all the sauces so he got all the boring chips (nachos) with just cheese or chilli beans on them, while I got everything! What can I really day it's difficult to get nachos wrong! It was so beyond delicious.

Then the mains came around, I ordered a rare steak because I often see steaks done so wrong, I like them rare, like practically mooing. I did get an overwhelming amount of chips on my plate which was annoying because I don’t really like chips, well potatoes at all. But the peppercorn sauce and that streak were just beautiful, however, to my normal standard, it wasn’t rare enough for me. My friend ordered the Rodeo Burger, which looked gorgeous but I did then get to sit and watch him deconstruct the burger and reconstruct it because he didn’t think they’d have such large mushrooms. From what he told me about the burger it was really nice, he couldn’t fault it at all. The only thing he’d change is that he would order it without the mushrooms (like I told him to at the start), the actual words were “The chicken was good, the mushrooms were numerous and were stopping his path to the bacon”. Bless him for trying to give a true review!

We then ordered to Cokes and picked or desserts, he ordered the Hot Choc Brownie and I went for the Whoopie Cookie. I’m not going to lie, at the stage, I was so full, I was ready to vom. The food arrived after a few minutes and looked amazing. I had these big soft cookie things, with pretzels, popcorn, caramel sauce and ice cream. It was so so yummy, I ate half of it and had to give up. My friend described his brownie as an actual dream, I’m not going to lie his look gorgeous, mine had too much going on but they were both amazing.

One we had eaten and the bill came around. I finally came out as the blogger reviewing the food. Yes, I am that cheap. I then managed to embarrass my friend by taking pictures of the chefs at work. I honestly can not fault the staff, the food or the chefs. I had such an amazing time, I can't thank Giraffe enough for having me over.

*This post was sponsored by Giraffe Restaurants, the supplied all food and drinks in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own