The Body Shop: Fresh Nude Foundation

So very recently I was given a Foundation to try out from the Body Shop, due to my incredibly pale skin it took them a long time to find a foundation that was close to my colouring. They settled on the lightest shade and it still doesn’t quite look right, but with a bit of blending and my setting powder, it's close enough.

So I started using the foundation for work because it's not quite perfect for me but it doesn't look bad. The foundation does last through the day, but sometimes it does start to move and looks patchy in places. I don’t know if it's because of oil separation from my skin combining with the foundation, but I don’t have oily skin at all, so it's probably not that. It’s probably the formulae.

I do have a few problems with the foundation, I get watery eyes and anything can set me off, and with this foundation, if it runs into my eyes it starts to burn. It's not a painful sensation it just feels very uncomfortable.

 I love the body shop, but I don’t love this foundation. I don’t rate it at all and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Billie Geena

*This post was in collaboration with The Body Shop, all opinions are my own.