Low Fodmap Diet: 6 Weeks In

So I’ve been following my Low Fodmap diet for 6 weeks now and I had planned to share a weekly food diary, but for the first few weeks it was so boring and bland, I ate the same thing every day.

I took a while for me to figure out what I can make and what will taste good and to find figure out how to do lunch at work. Not bringing pack up isn't an option, most days I have homemade soup. I’ve really become a pro at spicy vegetable soup.

When I have forgotten my lunch, I've been lucky enough to work around the corner from a sushi place and I've had Boots' Chicken Ceaser Salad boxes and left out the sauce and the croutons, which made the food less delicious but got me through.

I've actually become really surprised with all the delicious meals I've had and how healthy I have been eating. I thought avoiding onions and garlic would be difficult but honestly, I don't miss them at all!

There were so many ups and downs through this first 6 weeks, mainly downs to be honest. After the first 2 weeks, I started having really bad flare-ups, during one of them I was convinced I was dying, it was probably the worst I’ve ever had. The flare-ups would start the minute I started eating, they’ve last up to two hours and then it’d start again after the next meal.

I joined a forum of people who are going through the same as me, I was informed that a lot of people was having the same during weeks 2 - 4, and just like I was told my flare-ups started calming down after week 4. I’ve had a couple since but they aren't even on the same scale of what I was having before.

I’ve still got another 2/3 weeks left of the first part of the diet, but I am feeling so much better. I’m so excited to start the reintroduction phase. I have an appointment with my nutritionist a few days before I start reintroduction, so we can make a game plan.

I’ll update you then!