Disney Bound

Do you know what sucks about the Disney Parks? Grown-ups, like you or I not been allowed to wear grown up Disney costumes. I understand why we’re not allowed but I WANT TO BE A PRINCESS! Luckily, us sly foxes can dress inspired by our fave Disney characters. I’ve just arrived back from a trip to Disneyland Paris and in January I’m crossing the pond to go to Disney World. I’M SO EXCITED!

 So while I was in Paris I was Disneybounding as Ariel, I wore my sassy seashell bra top from Primark, with my New Look leather look khaki skirt with matching green boots. I looked fly as fuck. This costume will be coming to Florida with me in January, but what else should I wear?

 The people I’m going with are wanting to Disney Bounding in groups so we’ve decided we’re going to do Winnie The Pooh, and I will be dressing as Eeyore. We will also be doing Mickey and Friends, I’m obvs Minnie and Frozen where I have claimed Ana. So all I have done since we made these decisions all I have done is scroll through Pinterest and wish my days away. Like at this very moment, not when this post gets published, this moment as I’m writing this there is 244 days until I will be there. It’s painful having to wait this long, I know I have lots of other holidays before Florida but this will be the first big holiday I’ve been on in years.

 So to get me through this long wait, I Pinterest for inspiration, These are all actually from Disneybound.co

  I KNOW THEY’RE SO CUTE!  Why can’t I be there now?

 Billie Geena