Dior Plump'n'Volume Mascara

Have you ever been so excited to get something and to try out? This is exactly how I felt about trying the new Dior Plump’n’Volume Mascara. I was so so soooooo excited to try this out, I’ve never had a designer mascara before because it’s not something that I would go out of my way to buy because who can afford that. Like I’ve used urban decay and benefit mascara but they’ve always been sample sized or gifts, you know? I don’t want to be paying anything for that £10 for my mascara.

 So I went to the counter and John Lewis, was talked through the newest addition to the Dior Range, got my goodie bag and went home. So from what I was told that this mascara is that its clump free, it's got a squeezy bottle so you can limit how much mascara gets on the wand and push up any excess at the end of the bottle.

 On paper it sounds amazing right? Right?

Well I hate it. I feel like it makes all my lashes clump together, it gets everywhere, there's no volume, I don’t think they know what plump means. It’s awful. I hate the consistency of it and how it looks when finished. I thought it might just be the wand that I don’t like, so I tried with a good spoolie and it was just as bad. It’s just a rubbish mascara. If it were you I really wouldn’t splash out on this.

Billie Geena

*This post was in collaboration with Dior and John Lewis, all opinions are my own.