Dermalogica Review

Long ago, back in the day of my old blog, I had the habit of changing my skincare routine around a lot, every 6 weeks to be exact. After using one brand that messed my skin up royally I stopped this series. To get my skin back to what it was I invested in a more expensive routine. I have been using their introduction skincare pack for the sensitive/dry skin. Which I am both. I thought I'd review the products in order of how I use them.

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel

This is a soap-free foaming gel, where a little goes a long way, due to the light bubbles/foam you only need a pea sized blob to do your whole face and neck. It's a very light cleanser, that removed makeup easily without having to scrub. It leaves your face looking very bright and clean.


Daily Microfoliant
This is a powder that you make into your own paste, which I found weird to start with. You need a very small amount of powder and you should put about half as much water in the palm of your hand to mix it with. Then you use as a light scrub and just keep rubbing in circular motions for around a minute. Then rinse off with warm water and pat dry. This is such a light exfoliator but it is an absolute godsend. It very finds so it gets into the pores nicely and removes all excess makeup that the gel might leave.


Skin Smoothing Cream

This is a perfume-less cream that hydrates your face and neck, again you only need a pea sized blob to do the entire area. Paired with the first two products it creates a perfect finish for a routine, leaving your face soft and refreshed.


Multivitamin power firm

This is ideal for around your eyes or anywhere with signs of ageing. For me, I have found that I don't need to use this product daily as I don't benefit from anti-aging that much. I have put this into my routine but I only use it once or twice a week at most.

I think this routine will be what I stick with for a long while, or until I run out.

Do you have any products you'd like me to trial? Have you used Dermalogica before?