Decadence by Marc Jacobs

Just like many people I have been sucked into the Marc Jacobs perfume obsessions, the bottles are always beyond adorable in fact they are so adorable my mother and I have started collecting them. Our latest edition to the collection was Decadence - which is so different to every perfume he's brought out before this.

The product as a whole is so much more sophisticated to the scents that have come out in the past. As an entirety, Decadence, looks so much more mature. With the dark green bottle and the lid makes it look like a purse. Its adorable, but not in the same way as other products - its like its dark and mysterious.

The perfume follows the maturity as it isn't sweet like the products that preceded it, its a stronger smell. It's made for the evening and the night. I don't think my words are actually doing it justice - decadence is so luxurious, it's an absolutely perfect perfume that is made for nights out.

I can't praise decadence high enough - I truly believe it is the scent of the winter. I can imagine it been perfect for that Christmas do, the Christmas dinner or on new years eve. It's a diverse perfume made to be flaunted.

Have you tried decadence? What are your thoughts?

Billie Geena