Tips on getting out of a bad mood

I had a rubbish day; I missed the tram, had nothing but rude customers, a bland jacket potato for lunch and the general rubbish of working in sales. Obviously things could be worse but still today left me in a bad mood. Honestly I was ready to go home and put my pj’s on by 9.30  am.

I left work feeling so uninspired and drained. I can’t take it personally, that just how work goes sometimes but it sure does suck. I hate it because the bad mood I leave in can stick with me for a few days sometimes and I’d love nothing more than to be able to just shake it off.

I have my rituals and routines which help me overcome a bad mood, grumpiness and general feeling down. Which I will share with you.

Get Outside
Nothing makes me feel better than going for a walk. Just me, my doggo and nature. I especially love walking through the woods and in parks. There is just something about getting outside and thinking that relieves me of any negativity or anxiety.  In the sun, wind or a light rain, getting outside for me is the best cure.

Watch Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Doesn’t have to be Harry Potter exactly, just if you have a film that fills you to the brim with imagination, magic or happiness, that film is the film that should be watched. Honestly put on your pyjamas and watch something that gives you joy, I promise you it will lift that mood and set you up for a good nights sleep.

Be Alone
It’s so easy to get peopled out so take some time to be on your own. Light a candle, put on a face mask and take some you time. Feel zen. Don’t put your self in other peoples chaos and chatter, give your self time to think and breath.

Play your favourite song, listen to a podcast or an audiobook. I tend to switch between This is Disney on Spotify, Stephen Fry reading any book to me and My Favourite Murder. Give yourself time to listen to someone else’s words.

I’m not saying drink every time you get in to a bad mood but a glass of Shiraz can massively change your mood.

New Pyjamas
It's not a necessity at all, I’m sure you have tens of PJ sets but there is no nicer feeling then putting on a new pair of pyjamas. They can change your life.

Cheer Up
If anyone tells you to cheer up, punch ‘em. Punch ‘em hard.

Don’t rush yourself, take your time and eventually that bad mood will go.