I went away with some of my favourite bloggers and people to Amsterdam. I had a thoroughly amazing time, no one fell out and we explored so so much.

Some of the places we went need their own posts too so in this post I’m going to go on our journey.


Lauren and I set off Monday the 4th to the Clayton hotel at Manchester airport, where the lovely Louise was waiting for us with prosecco. She gets me. So we got there, I was suffering from my anxiety all day and I couldn’t stop shaking for a little while. I managed to shake it off, while we was getting organised. We then headed to the hotel restaurant for food. I couldn’t rate the food enough, I has rose wine, king prawn and avocado salad, then a lamb roast dinner. It was lovely, I’m a proper northern lass and they gave me lots of gravy and I was happy for the rest of the evening.


We then drank the prosecco in our hotel room while watching what ever was on the tele. Then mystic meg, I mean Lauren, did tarot cards for us. No word of a lie this shit is legit. The cards explained on current situation of mind, that I’m not ready to blog about yet. They advised me and almost gave me a little piece of mind. We then slept.

3 hours later… Fly time! Make up, clothes and making sure we hadn’t I forgot anything. We got a shuttle from the hotel to the airport. This was all standard, spending forever getting through security then killing time. Boarding the plane…

Boarding the fucking plane man. I’m an anxious flyer, I don’t like taking off or landing. I’m fine with all of the middle bits though, I felt really bad for Lauren though she had to hold my hand and put up with me constantly complaining. Luckily for her I fell asleep and was quiet for the rest of the flight.

Once we were in Amsterdam we found our hotel, which was the Apple Inn was really nice and modern, I am going to leave the a good review on trip advisor. The staff were kind, the rooms were clean and we had a balcony for selfies.

 We ventured out and went to find the sex museum, which was mentally scarring. But for €4 it wasn’t all that bad. The highlight was an older lady, sat on a willy bench watching porn on the tv. She was just a normal person, not employed by the museum or anything but she was pretty happy sitting there. Good for her!

Across from the museum you could go on canal tours so that’s what we did. We clogged and took pictures and learnt about the history of Amsterdam. Then our travelling caught up with us all. For the last 30 minutes of the tour, we all struggled to stay awake. This 30 minutes felt like hours. We needed a nap so bad. As soon as the tour ended we went to the hotel and had a nap! We all woke up again in the evening and we needed food. We found this Argentinian grill where we enjoyed sangria and salmon.


The final part of the first day was to go to door 74 however you’ll have to bear with this is a whole other post. But it’s going to be a good one!

This is so long winded but we’re on day two now. We’re half way their guys! Whooooooooooop.

We had a yummy continental breakfast at the hotel while we planned our day. Once we ate and digested it we started our next adventures. We visited Anne Franks House, unfortunately I don’t know much about Anne Frank or the diary, but going through the house was a very humbling experience. I was fascinated by it all, her life, her situation and how clever her hiding was. I have since ordered Anne Franks diary and I have put it as my priority to read. If you do ever visit the house prepare to queue for a really long time. We was there for an hour and a half! We later got food and went to the hotel for yet another nap.

In the evening we went to see Ru Paul Battle of the Seasons. IT WAS AMAZING! Sharon Needles is my absolute favourite person, but the hole show left me in awe! It was ridiculously funny but tasteful. It’s left me wants to re-watch the show on Netflix again.

Day three, it was our very last day and there was so much we wanted to do. We wanted to see Vondelpark , find tulip island and take as many pictures as possible. We swung by a cafe called Macaron and sampled a large selection of there treats. We then headed to Vondelpark, which is bloomin’ massive. You could so easily get lost.


Tulip island is based inside of Vondelpark on one of the many ponds. It took us so long to find, we was giving up hope and then we saw the arch way for it and the bridge. As we got closer and closer we realised it wasn’t open… It’s not the time for tulips yet…oops.

We walked to Rijks Museum to take pictures of the ” I Amsterdam” sign, which was covered in tourists. Literally, people was climbing on it, sat on the top of it and huddling around it. We couldn’t get a good picture at all, to some avail we found a bench that had the same writing on it. We accepted this and just got on with it. We then decided we needed to try to traditional food, like proper Netherlands cuisine. We found a restaurant that sold what we were looking for, read the menu. Aaaaaaand we didn’t like the sound of anything so we had to bog standard food.

Then that was it, we collected our bags from the hotel and made our way to the airport.

Now I’m back home, refusing to get dressed and reminiscing about how much fun we had.

Is there anything you’d like more info on? Any big things that we missed out on? Or any places you’d recommend I travel too?

Billie Geena