30 things that make me happy in Autumn

Autumn must be everyone's favourite season, the dark nights, the cool mornings or the TV shows, it's the best season. Hands down, all the other seasons can go home. There's so much that makes autumn the best month. Below is a list of everything about autumn, my traditions and all the little things, that make me so happy.

  1. Blankets - During Autumn my evolution into a half blanket half person really kicks in.

  2. Hot chocolate - Soy milk, or hazelnut milk with delicious cocoa powder make life worthwhile

  3. Rewatching Gilmore Girls.

  4. Fluffy Socks

  5. Foggy mornings - it makes the walk to work more exciting

  6. Crunchy leaves

  7. Boots - The ultimate shoes

  8. Stews - Beef stew, I need it now! Ooh and dumplings.

  9. Hot water bottles

  10. Layers - Tshirt, dress, extra thick tights and a jacket.

  11. Porridge

  12. Windy nights - Listening to the wind, while I’m in bed. I LOVE IT

  13. Getting wrapped up and reading.

  14. Pumpkins.

  15. Candles

  16. Fairy lights

  17. Halloween

  18. Toffee Apples - Can’t eat them anymore but they make me happy.

  19. Soup - I could eat soup every meal, every day

  20. Hats - the woollier the better

  21. Cinnamon

  22. The colours - Burgundy and Mustard are taking over

  23. Autumn walks through the countryside

  24. Jumping in puddles

  25. Buying jumpers for my dog

  26. Birthdays - everybody's birthday seems to be in October

  27. Hot Showers - All the warmth

  28. Rainy days - light drizzles, please.

  29. The makeup - it's getting heavier and cuter

  30. The dark evenings - I love sitting on my window ledge just watching the evening go by and the nights sky

What are your favourite things about Autumn? Do you agree with anything from my list?

Billie Geena